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I began collecting animation art many moons ago... around 1991 (yes, around 25 years ago). I mainly bought cels at first. Since those were the salad days, before mortgages and multiple cars, I could afford to pay a good deal for some nice pieces. I also had a lot of time back then to personally collect signatures on my cels (Bill Cosby, Peter Laird, Chuck Jones and a whole collection of art from Tom Yohe).

Around October of 1997, I switched to drawings and pre-production art, because I became concerned about the long-term challenges in conserving cels on such a large collection.

In approximately 2010 I formalized my own buying and selling of art, as a business - The Charles Scott Gallery. Well - I say as a business, which means half of what I buy I sell and the other half I keep! Since it's always changing, less than one one-hundredth of my collection is on this website at any time.

Finally, around 2012, I began to focus on production backgrounds. The collapse of the old animation art market made them available and extremely reasonable. To me, they ARE the most artistic part of the animation process.

I believe thecollapse of the animation market was partially the fault of galleries and greed. The market was flooded with non-original art at HUGE prices. Many people bought them and now regret it - because they're worthless. And while lowered prices make the art more accessible, it has made me particularly loath to deal in any of that. So you'l only see a rare limited edition - perhaps if it has the signature of one of our dear departed greats.

If you are interested in purchasing anything, please check out the Charles Scott Gallery here and click on "items for sale."

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prod backgrounds
Production Backgrounds
My Simpsons Sub-Collection (Oh God)
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