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Year: 1200-1400

ID: VL 97

1200-1400 Officium Beate Marie Virginis

This may be the oldest leaf I own. It is from a mauscript with 12th-15th century leaves entitled Officium Beate Marie Viriginis. By an Italian scribe. The original work was about 300 pages and is from Lord Berwick of Shrewsbury, England. Research done in London indicate that portions of this manuscript may date to the 11th century.. F14- 9




Year: 1265

ID: VL 1

13th Century Manuscript BiFold

A beautiful bifold leaf from 1250ish. My information is truncated. This is what I have: "a.[nno] Do[m...Spezzoni fecit" and on the first leaf rather illegibly "Romae ?? 1265 padre Sappari... ca. 1265" 6.3" x 4.4".. F3- 47


Date pg. from same ms.

2nd date pg. from same ms.



Year: 1400's?

ID: VL 98

1400's Vellum Ms page

Size: 3 5/8" X 4 5/8". Hand Lettered, Eight Large Capitalized Paragraph Letters! Two Sided Circa 15th Century. A Leaf From A Medieval Manuscript Breviary.. F14- 10




Year: 1434

ID: VL 93

1434 Sermones of Simon de Cremona

Prepared in the scriptorium of the famous Carthusian monastery at Buxheim. Caspar Misnensis was the scribe, and he informs us that he finished writing out these sermons on the fifth day before the feast of Saint Erasmus the Martyr in 1434.. F6- 18



Year: 1435

ID: VL 94

1435 French Book of Hours

Vellum with gold highlights. A previous owner wrote on the mat (and the bottom of the leaf), "Benedictine Mss. Book of Hours 1435 A.D." The frame had a label of "Joseph Sertor Galleries, Dallas Texas.". F3- 27




Year: 1440

ID: VL 95

1440 Horae Beate Mariaie Virginis

Book of Devotions of the Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ms. on vellum (finely dressed sheepskin), written in southeastern France (likely Grenoble). Latin text in single columns, sixteen lines to the page, in Gothic demi-Batarde script witten in brown ink. Extensively illuminated in red and blue inks with decorative penwork and Uncial capital letters as well as bright gold leaf initial letters. The names of Bishops and saints local to Besancon, Auxerre and Grenoble are found in the calendar, identifying the source or "usage" of this volume. Framed.. Closet- 0

Close up




Year: 1440-1450

ID: VL 96

1440-1450 Book of Hours

In the style of the Maitre Francois. 15 lines of Latin text on vellum. Ruled in red with dark brown ink, in fine gothic textura script, with rubrics in red. Versal initials are lightly highlighted in yellow. The leaf is for the Third Nocturne, Hour of Matins. The text following the red "R" (response) begins "Libera me..." (Deliver me O Lord from eternal death, in that fearful day, when as the heavens are to be moved, and the earth..."). 162x118mm. Wall- 6


Year: 1495

ID: VL 132

1495 Philipe Pigochet Vellum Leaf

Book of hours leaf by Phillipe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre. In latin on vellum. Woodcuts on this leaf tell the story of the crucifixtion of Christ. 4.5x7". F14- 11




Year: 1500's

ID: VL 99

1500's French Leaf with Batarde Characters

Leaf from a 16th century book of hours. The page is devoted to a part of the litany of the saints. The "ora pro nobis" (pray for us) is abbreviated to an "or" or "orat". 5 1/2 x 8".. F6- 24


Included information



Year: 1500's

ID: VL 100

16th Century, 16-Line page

Book of hours leaf for use in Paris, in French dating to the 16th Century (from a book of hours originally penned in the 15th century). . F3- 28



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