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Year: 1696

ID: Mis 51

1696 Inda-Jaipur Document

1696 INDIA-JAIPUR document, A folded document of brown, rough paper that we are told originated in the year 1696. This possibly is a report of expenditures and income sent to the Jaipur gvernment central accounting department, or, a receipt for taxes paid on goods brought into a market place. Strike of the circular seal of the ruling family. Purchased many years ago, in the UK, for 11 Pounds (about $15.75US).. F3- 45



Year: 1757

ID: Mis 49

1757 Ecuador Ferdinand VI seal

1757 Ecuador, Ferdinand VI seal (doc in bad condition). F11- 33



Year: 1787

ID: Mis 50

1787 Pamphlet with Christ Church Stamp

1787 - The Second Part of Mr. Claude's Answer to Monsier DeMeaux's Book, Intituled A Conference With Mr. Claude. Containing An Examination of M. de Meaux's Thirteen Reflections on a Writing of Mr. Claude's. London: Printed for T. Dring, at the Harrow in Fleetstreet at Chancery-Lane-End. MDCLXXXVIII. Purchased (cheaply), in Dublin. Interesting to me because it has the stamp of Christ-Church-Dublin on it.. B10- 0



Year: 1800's

ID: Mis 52

Late 1800's "Royal Doctor's" medical book

Late 1800's(?) "Royal Doctor's" medical book. Chapters 52-53. Wood block printing.. B10- 0



Year: 1900's

ID: Mis 53

Pre 50's Chinese Property Deed of Trust

Pre-50's Chinese Property Deed of Trust, in the Che Kiang provence.-. F2- 31



Year: ?

ID: Mis 54

Indonesian Palm Tree Book

Indonesian palm tree book. A "Lontar Palm Manuscript?" The cover of the book appears to be bamboo and the pages are made out of palm tree? Measures 6.5" long x 1/25" wide (closed). Looks touristy, but still attractive.. LB3- 0


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