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Italian Manuscript Documents

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Year: 1600's

ID: Ita 7

17th Century Religious Document

Late 17th century, on religious affairs. Came with little note from "British Library.". F11- 2



Year: 1750

ID: Ita 8

1750 Savoy Legal Dispute (4)

Baron de la Bastie about the ownership of the Abbey of Bellerive in Savoy.. B3- 0



Year: 1750

ID: Ita 9

1750 Savoy Legal Dispute (4)

3 additional documents related to the Bastie/Bellerive case, including 28 pg. French doc, 12 pg. and 32 pg. Italian documents. French document shown in display picture.. B3- 0

12 pg. MS

32-pg MS.



Year: 1760

ID: Ita 10

1760 Legal Document

Approximately 7" x 10" twenty four pages manuscript legal document from Savoy that dates from the 1760's.. B3- 0



Year: 1780

ID: Ita 11

1780 Church Document

Partly printed, partly handwritten in Latin. "In Dei Nomine Amen." Dated January 18th with raised wax seal.. F12- 26



Year: 1925

ID: Ita 12

1925 Knight's Award from Italian King

This beautiful document is an award of the Order of the Crown by Italian King Victorio Emanuel III in 1925. The document measures about 10" x 14" and is uniformly toned with age. A great display item. It was award to Cartland Bishop and his rank was Commander. It is rare to come across one of these actual award documents. It is this diploma that actually awards knighthood, not the medal. This document is signed by the chancellor of the order and the director of the division and has the Grand Master's seal impressed into the document. I imageine the Grand Master was King Vittorio Emanuele who's name is signed in print.. F2- 46


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