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French Manuscript Documents


French Document Lots or
Lots Relating to a Single Court Case

This includes a number of court cases (LeBreton, etc.) and large purchase lots of documents.


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Year: (1402)

ID: Fre 77

(1402) Copy of an "Aveu" or Allegiance from 19 Feb. 1608?

In the town of Fourches and fief of Magny held by me Germain Menent, under Seneschal of the said place. The year fourteen hundred and two the nineteenth day of February were present Pierre Chemin who acknowledged he held from Jehan d'Escoville and squire and lord of this place in the vavasselage Bernard as younger brother of such vavasselage of the present primogeniture Jehan le Pont for a third of a house. Please note posterior annotations, one dated 1608 and writing over of the name Jehan. 6"x 9".. B7- 0



Year: (1442)

ID: Fre 78

(1442) Copy of Revenue in Normandy

Approximately 6 3/4" x 10 3/4" four pages (one manuscript) copy of an act from the registry of Jehan Roussel the young, secretary of Pierre Roussel tabellion (notary officer in rural areas) in Falaise, Normandy region of France. The original transaction is dated September [14?], 1442 where Jehan Abot, riding master sells Guillaume Dude.., bourgeois of Falaise and Lord of Noron an annual revenue of twenty 'sol tournois' that Abot promises to pay by his hand each year upon guarantee of his possessions and inheritances present and future. This sale is made for the amount of seventy three livres tournois.. Jehan Allais and Guillaume Martin were present as witnesses. The age of the document is unknown although the style of the handwriting suggests early to middle 16th century.. B7- 0



Year: (1459)

ID: Fre 79

(1459) Admission Copy

7" x 12 four pages (three manuscript) copy from the mid eighteenth century of Normandy, France document dated June 27, 1459. The document is an admission (Admission/Aveu: a legal act between the lord and vassal where the vassal consigns in written the conditions of his occupancy and tenancy of land shortly after he takes possession) given in Fourches by Michel Leputois for the ex-morin vavassory (form of vassality specific to Normandy) and several parcels of land to Pierre Charrue, Senechal of the fief.. B7- 0



Year: (1487)

ID: Fre 80

(1487) Abstract

From the Notary (Tabellion) register from Guillaume Trottel and Vincent Leireux of Falaise, Normandy. This is an abstract from a 1487 document done in the mid 1600's (Estimate from the style of writing) " The 26 day of May 1487Jean de magny, Squire and Robin Du Valier, Bourgeois de Falaise, Treasure of the church of St Gervais at FalaiseLease in Fief at heritage to Guillaume le Conte of the Parish of Fourches 5 Vergees... ..Guillaume Boutigny....Thomas and Pierre Mallet...Master Denis Varin, Squire ...the said rent to be payed at the Saint Michel ...4 pages. 8 x 12". B7- 0



Year: (1498)

ID: Fre 81

(1498) Copy of Court Decision

Approximately 7 5/8" x 12" four pages (three manuscript) document from Normandy, probably from the middle eighteen century, that is a copy of a court decision dating from November 6, 1498. The case did involve Pierre Charue father and son both with the same name who disputed the ownership of property with Thomas and Denis Varin (a priest and lord of Fourches in Normandy, France). The court decision ended up in favor of the brothers Varin.. B7- 0



Year: (1541)

ID: Fre 85

(1541) Admission Copry

(Possibly 1641) 7" x 11 copy from the mid eighteenth century of Normandy, France document dated July 14, 1541. The document is an admission (Admission/Aveu: a legal act between the lord and vassal where the vassal consigns in written the conditions of his occupancy and tenancy of land shortly after he takes possession) given in Fourches by Robert Varin, riding-master to Francois D'Orleans, count of Montgommery. I have a sneaking suspicion that this one is actually 1641.. B7- 0



Year: (1579)

ID: Fre 92

(1579) Free Hand Copy

7 3/4" x 12 " four pages (three manuscript) copy from the mid eighteenth century of Normandy, France document dated April 12, 1579. The document is a free hand granted to Robert Varin, riding-master and lord of Fourches, Normandy region of France, that cancels the seizure of his fief on September 28, 1554.. B7- 0



Year: (1588)

ID: Fre 96

(1588) Copy of Land Sale

Approximately 7" x 12" four pages manuscript copy of a 1588 land sale contract in Normandy, France. The copy could date from the late 17th to the middle of the 18th century and was probably made for legal research purposes and the eventual building of a case. The document is about the sale of a parcel of land in Fourches by Pierre Girard of Fourches to Robert Le breton of the parish of Crocy in the presence of Louis Cavey, guardian of the seals of the viscounty of Argentan.. ?- 0



Year: (1591)

ID: Fre 99

(1591) Contract Copy

7" x 12 four pages (three manuscript) copy from the mid eighteenth century of Normandy, France document dated October 20, 1591 The document is a contract of sale for a parcel of arable land in Fourches, Normandy region of France. Jacquette Leconte daughter of the late Noel Leconte, widow of Francois Badouet of the parish of Crocy sells the land with the agreement of Jacques and Etienne Badouet her sons to Francoise Guerpel widow of Jacques Varin lord of Fourches.. B7- 0



Year: (1594)

ID: Fre 100

(1594) Sale of Land

By Jacques Dannon to Robert Mallet of Fourches Normandy. This is an abstract from a Nov. 28, 1594 document done in the early 1600's (Estimate from the style of writing). 4 pages. 6 3/4" x 11".. B7- 0



Year: 1528

ID: Fre 82

1528 Large Latin Acknowledgement

14" x 24" very nicely manuscript French parchment in Latin dated from 1528 that is an Acknowledgment to the families Dangeyros and Raspand joint lords of Colomiers (city in the South of France near Toulouse) by Honorat Revel.. LB3- 0



Year: 1539

ID: Fre 83

1539 Heraldry

On thick animal skin parchment, 13-1/2x7-1/2", from Normandy, with red "College Heraldique/Archives de la Noblesse" (red, college of heraldry) handstamp on back, beautiful calligraphy including attractive lettrine (ornate first letter at top), several very ornate signatures.. F19- 44





Year: 1540

ID: Fre 84

1540 Large Contract

18" x 18" manuscript French parchment dated from 1540 that is a Contract between Jean de Raspand joint lord and Margueritte du Mayne lady of Colomiers (city near Toulouse in the South of Freance) wife of Michel Vabres. Bought for $64.95. June, 2002.. F10- 45



Year: 1554

ID: Fre 86

1554 Contract for Fourches Land

7" x 11" Four pages (three manuscript) contract in French dated June 20, 1554. Establishes the sale by Francois Daunou of the parish of Brieulx to Germain Dannou of 5 vergees (an old measure of area) in la Feugere and in July 6, 1554 of the remaining land in the same area of the parish of Fourches in Normandy, France. Document has two different handwritings that reflect the two different dates and transactions. B5- 0



Year: 1569

ID: Fre 87

1569 Order of Malta?

Dated in pencil on reverse by previous owner as 1569. 3 1/2" x 13".. F11- 4



Year: 1570

ID: Fre 88

1570 Normandy Vellum

French document circa 1570 from Normandy, on parchment (animal skin), 20x9-1/2", two very ornate signatures including Charpentier, beautiful lettrine (1st letter of text); several small holes, otherwise excellent condition for 430 years old.. F21- 48



Year: 1574

ID: Fre 89

1574 Contract for Land

May 1, in vicinity of Mortain in Normany, Noel Souquet of Bellon parish, selling parcel in La Regnoudiere to Collas LeRoy in presence of Guillaume Chesnel and Johan Pasquier, tabellions in the viscounty under the chapel of Chinchebray and parish of Durcet and the Couailles- 12" x 9". F20- 14



Year: 1575

ID: Fre 90

1575 (1489) Renewal of Recognition

Approximately 21" x 15" 1575 parchment of Recognitions made to Nobleman Ramon Dangeyroux by Pierre Garand in Colomiers (Southwest near Toulouse in France). Appears to renew recognitions originally made in 1489.. F10- 20



Year: 1577

ID: Fre 91

1577 Court Procedure

May 10, city of Evian in the kingdom of Savoy. 11 1/4"x 9 3/8". F20- 16


Year: 1579

ID: Fre 289

1579 Sale Contract Parchment from Normandy France

Info to come.. F2- 25



Year: 1581

ID: Fre 93

1581 Knights of Malta Document

Two blue star handstamps (1 on back) believed to be linked to the Archives of the Order of Malta. 18x10.5". F2- 34



Year: 1584

ID: Fre 94

1584 Document

Approximately 13" x 26" manuscript parchment from South West France dated 1584 that appears to be written in Latin.. LB3- 0



Year: 1585

ID: Fre 95

1585 Act for non-executed Lordship Duties

Approximately 7" x 11 3/4" ten pages - nine are manuscript - July 5, 1585 Act from Julien Guigout against Servan Picot for the non execution of lordship duties for land acquired in the Brittany region of France.. B7- 0


Year: 1586

ID: Fre 285

1586 large parchment Admission Aveu from Britanny

Land Lease contract between farmer and Lord. The area is named Trevrat and the village Cassac. . closet- 0


Year: 1586

ID: Fre 296

1586 parchment Admission Aveu from Britanny

Aveu (land lease contract between farmer and lord). The area is named Trevrat and the village Cassac.. F10- 44



Year: 1590

ID: Fre 97

1590 Parchment Admission from Brittany

Approximately 10 5/8" x 8 1/2" parchment Admission (Admission/Aveu: a legal act between the lord and vassal where the vassal consigns in writing, the conditions of his occupancy and tenancy of the land shortly after he takes possession) given by Michel Levesque of the parish of St. Leger in Brittanny (France), November 30, 1590, to Pierre de Boisbaudry for a portion of a house. Odd shape.. B7- 0



Year: 1591

ID: Fre 98

1591 Normandy Land Sale

March 18, one half acre and one half vergee of land in the woods of Vignats is made under the authority of the two royal tabellions (notary officers in rural areas) named Noel Daunou and Geffroy Bouciniere. The seller is named Jacques Daunou and he sells his land to Robert, known as Le Francois. The text in the third page indicates the date of the sale and also the name of two witnesses: Jehan Gyrard of Brieux and Etienne Carlet.. B7- 0



Year: 1594

ID: Fre 101

1594 Signed Promis

Sept. 29 - Germain Paigny, Henry Le Prevost, Michel Hebert.. B7- 0


Year: 1597

ID: Fre 282

1597 Normandy France parchment and 2 pages transcription

Info to come. F21- 36


Year: 1598

ID: Fre 290

1598 ms from land sale in Normandy France

More info to come.. B7- 0


Year: 1599

ID: Fre 295

1599 Large Britanny France Parchment admission

Parish of Trevrat. F13- 8



Year: 1600's

ID: Fre 126

17th century copy of Oct. 3, (1492) document

Guillaume Danoye, Pierre and J'ehan Mallet.. B1- 0



Year: 1601

ID: Fre 102

1601 Land Transaction

Land transaction from 31 Oct.1601, possibly Languedoc. One Arpent 16....27 Pounds Tournois French money .... Jean Inge dit Andre.....Sanson Jacquet and his wife Jeanne? Imbert. 5" x 15".. F5- 10



Year: 1608

ID: Fre 103

1608 Legal Procedure

Nov. 10, Lucas Duval, Marie Hebert.. B7- 0



Year: 1613

ID: Fre 104

1613 Sale Contract Copy

Vallee in Plestay and Hardy in Megrit.. B7- 0



Year: 1615

ID: Fre 105

1615 Transaction

12 1/2" x 5" vellum dated May 6, 1615 in French. From the early period of the reign of Kin Louis XIII (1610-1643). Poor condition.. F11- 4



Year: 1619

ID: Fre 106

1619 Fragment of exchange

May 7, Jacques Fourneaux & nephew.. B7- 0


Year: 1620

ID: Fre 283

1620 Parchment from Normandy - 7 pages

Info to come.. B7- 0



Year: 1624

ID: Fre 107

1624 Faith and Homage

Normandy, July 19, Pierre de la Haye to Lord Gabriel, Count of Mongommery (Fourches, Florence Varin, Georges Varin). B7- 0



Year: 1624

ID: Fre 108

1624 Land Exchange

May 5, 1624 - Zacharie Breton, Robert Defourneaux (+ more).. B7- 0



Year: 1624

ID: Fre 109

1624 Vignat, Normandy

St Nicolas de Vignat, Normandy, dated 30 June 1630. This is the description provided by the seller, even though it clearly states 1624. To all who will see this document, the guard of the seals.... of the viscounty of Argentan...is present Jacques..Lord of Pierrepont. Land transaction between noblemen regarding 9 1/2 verges of land (agrarian unit of land in Normandy). 6 3/4" x 10 1/2".. B7- 0



Year: 1625

ID: Fre 110

1625 Robert Breton

Robert Breton (son of Philip) sells? to brother - April 13.. B7- 0



Year: 1627

ID: Fre 111

1627 Jacques Hebert Document

Jacques Hebert, one of the sons of the late Michel Hebert, beneficiary of his estate as well as his brother jean Hebert, priest in the parish of Fourches sell a house to Robert Hebert their brother, Sept. 19.. B7- 0

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4



Year: 1627

ID: Fre 112

1627 2 copies of contracts

Approximately 8" x 12" set of two manuscript documents from the Normandy region of France. They are both copies of an original contract of sale for a parcel of land in 1626. The first one is dated March 15, 1626 and has three manuscript pages. The second one is dated march 15, 1627 and in a different and more compact handwriting since it is only two pages long. The content of both documents is the same and refers to the sale by the Adoubard family of a parcel of land to Joseph Boutigny of the parish of Fourches. These copies could date from 1626 and 1627 since the ink, paper and watermarks appear to correspond to the period of the 17th century.. B7- 0



Year: 1627

ID: Fre 113

1627 copy of (1447) Registry in Normandy

From a tabellion (notary officer for rural areas) named Guillaume Vauquelin, "of wednesday last day of May the year 1447 Jehan Le Putoys (the skunk aka Pepe Le Pew) of Fourches sells to Guillaume Boutigny of this parish a parcel of land for 60 Sols Tournois etc." Jehan Boutigny who only had daughters and one of them was Guillermine who was married to Guillet Laignel from which union came Mathieu Laignel who sold the house to and garden to Guillet Le Conte of Fourches by contract of the ninth day of April 1554 and September 1555. From this LeConte came out Christophe LeConte from came out Michel Leconte who renounced his inheritance etc... B7- 0



Year: 1628

ID: Fre 114

1628 Legal Brief

Humbly bed noble lord Alexandre Chabod...like the 23 May 1595 and 27 Aug. 1609. Francois de Chabod, his father...before all Jacques and Jean Daure? Depositions and interviews relating to a legal case between a local lord and two farmers. 16 pages, 6.5" x 10.5". B7- 0



Year: 1628

ID: Fre 115

1628 Sale Contract - Normandy

Land established by Charles Lescornay and Gilles Honore, both tabellions (notary officers in rural areas). The Fourches land parcel is sold by Josias Mallet of the parish Saint Nicolas de Vignats to Joseph Boutigny.. B7- 0



Year: 1628

ID: Fre 116

1628 Sale Contract

From the register of Guillaume Bourdon and Nicolas Henry Notaries (Tabellions) in the Viscounty of Argentan dated April 30, 1628 " The last day of April 1628 were present Josia Robert of the Parish of Fourches........Louis lalouette...and his wife Marie le breton.........renounce the benefits to Francois Boutigny of the Parish of Fourches............the half of the heritage of deceased Thomas Breton and Jullien Breton......Louise Breton mere...Francoise Belley wife of Boutigny... 4 pages. 7.5" x 12".. B7- 0



Year: 1629

ID: Fre 117

1629 Parchments

(2-3) Info to come. B7- 0



Year: 1648

ID: Fre 118

1648 Marriage Contract

Feb. 2, Joanne Guange, Benoyt Jubier. B8- 0



Year: 1652

ID: Fre 119

1652 Legal Document

From Auvergne region, dated 24 Dec., 1652. Gaspard D'Allegre, Count of Beauvoir, Lord and Baron of Vivieres, La Nesle, Marsigny, Forges, Vaux...Counselor of the King...Senechal d'Auvergne...Mr. Antoine Delapchier...assigned Claude Amet? to pay 5 pounds and 14 sols. Royal Arms with crown on seal (wax desintegrated). 8 pages, 9" x 10".. B1- 0

Additional View



Year: 1653

ID: Fre 120

1653 Indenture

This is an early French document written on both sides of a sheet of vellum. It was drafted on June 4, 1653. It's basically an agreement between a large landowner and someone who would work a part of his land in exchange for payment, such as x number of chickens and y bales of hay per month. I believe that the nobleman's name is Pierre Rosset (Gardenant Pierre Rosset, Notaire Royal). I think it says something about how he was royally appointed to the land. The piece is about the size of an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. It is in clean condition.. ?- 0


Year: 1653

ID: Fre 281

1653 Parchment from Normandy Region of France

Info to come.. F12- 13


Year: 1654

ID: Fre 294

1654 french vellum document

Info to come. F13- 7



Year: 1667

ID: Fre 121

1667 Contract?

1667 Parchment contract? Not great condition. 8 1/4" x 10". F6- 26



Year: 1670's

ID: Fre 122

1670's Detail of Legal expenses in Normandy

Approximately 8" x 12", eight page manuscript memoir from the Normandy region of France that datails the years 1668 and 1669 for Henrly LePrevost, Lord of Maresq. These expenses arose as a consequence of his legal case against Charles Le Provost who is representing. The document lists 72 expense items in total.. B1- 0



Year: 1675

ID: Fre 123

1675 Legal Document

2-pg legal doc.. B1- 0



Year: 1686

ID: Fre 124

1686 Auvergne Loan Agreement

Jan. 24, 100 Livres .. B1- 0



Year: 1695

ID: Fre 125

1695 Document

Legal document.. B1- 0



Year: 1707

ID: Fre 127

1707 Court Transcript

From the court register from Chablaix, Savoy, dated 18 Jan. 1707 This document is about the "Curatelle" of Jean Francois de Blonay, son of deceased Noble Jacques de Blonay. A "Curatelle" is the legal assignment of a overseer to a minor upon his reaching majority when there is fear that he won't be able to administer his property. The judge named Pierre , son of deceased Honorable Jean Francois Duboulon, of Evian. 4 pages. 7"x 11".. B1- 0

Additional View



Year: 1714

ID: Fre 128

1714 Berthelot Estate-related document

7" x 10" Two pages manuscript document signed, dated June 26, 1714 in Britanny, France and that relates to the estate of the sister of Jean Louis Berthelot lord of the Gage.. B1- 0



Year: 1720

ID: Fre 129

1720 Auvergne Yearly Revenue

July 1, 2,400 Livres annually.. B1- 0



Year: 1720

ID: Fre 130

1720 Auvergne

Wine grower Pierre Chalus.. ?- 0



Year: 1720

ID: Fre 131

1720 Auvergne Legal Document

7" x 10" twelve pages legal document dated July 1720 in the Auvergne that is an appeal against a sentence of 1719. The demander is a priest named Louis Theallier and the case appears somehow to concern a manufacturer of lighing equipment although the opposing party is named Pierre Challus, a local winemaker.. ?- 0



Year: 1721

ID: Fre 132

1721 Auvergne Appeal

Pierre Chalus - refers to 1719 doc.. ?- 0



Year: 1723

ID: Fre 133

1723 Division of Farm Estate

To children, March 2, Osmanville near Bayeux.. ?- 0



Year: 1725

ID: Fre 134

1725 Auvergne Document

1646, 1714 dates .. B1- 0



Year: 1747-8

ID: Fre 135

1747-8 Legalized Copies, Auvergne Court Case

Set of two legalized manuscript copies of documents relating to a court case dated 1747 and 1748. The documents concern the case betweena Priest named Estienne Theallier and Charles Louis D'Aureille both from the Auvergne region of France. Documents are attached together with a string made of a twisted portion of parchment.. B1- 0



Year: 1748

ID: Fre 136

1748 Legal Inquiry for Auvergne Court Case

7 1/8" x 9 3/4" four pages (three manuscript) document dated 1748 in the Auvergne region of France that is the inquiry held in the legal case that opposes the Priest Etienne Theallier and Mr. Charles Louis D'Aureille. Numerous signatures on document.. B1- 0



Year: 1748

ID: Fre 137

1748 Auvergne Document

A priest named Etienne Theallier against a Mr. Daurielle, 28-pgs, includes fragment of poster with notes. B1- 0



Year: 1748

ID: Fre 138

1748 Auvergne Legal Document

March, 21, 1748.. B1- 0



Year: 1748

ID: Fre 139

1748 Auvergne Legal Document

Approximately 7" x 9 3/4" two pages 1748 manuscript legal document that appears to be a registry copy of acts in a lawsuit between a priest from the Auvergne region of France named Estienne Teallier and other parties. Another two page manuscript with various annotations and that was attached to the document was sold together.. B1- 0



Year: 1756

ID: Fre 140

1756 Nomination of Bishop

In Latin and French and dated September 18, 1756 in Chalons, France. Signed by Claude-Antoine de Choiseul-Beaupre, Bishop of Chalons. Document appears to be a nomination to an ecclesiastic position for a Sabineau Clersieux. Sealed with red/pink wax that holds the page folded in two. 9 1/2" x 7 1/4".. F2- 46

Additional View



Year: 1758

ID: Fre 141

1758 Auvergne Document for Damages

June 23, Priest Joseph Heraux.. B1- 0



Year: 1759

ID: Fre 142

1759 Legal Document from Auvergne

Approximately 7" X 10" twelve pages (ten manuscript) legal document from the Auvergne region of France. Appears to be part of a court case.. B1- 0



Year: 1767

ID: Fre 143

1767 Court Decision

Approximately 7 3/4" x 10 3/4" twenty pages manuscript parchment of a court case/decision in Paris, France, dated September 7, 1767 the 53rd year of the reign of king Louis XV.. B1- 0



Year: 1768

ID: Fre 144

1768 Receipt

1768 Receipt. B1- 0



Year: 1769

ID: Fre 145

1769 Legal Document

Info to come. B1- 0



Year: 1770

ID: Fre 146

1770 Legal Document

Info to come. B1- 0



Year: 1776

ID: Fre 147

1776 Request for Court Case

concerning inheritance, 60-pages, Generalite of Bourges in France.. ?- 0



Year: 1779

ID: Fre 148

1779 Manorial Case

Approximately 7" x 9" thirty six manuscript pages long legal document that details a complex case of manorial rights and payments and inheritances in the Berry Bourbonnais (Bourges) region of France.. ?- 0



Year: 1780

ID: Fre 149

1780 Contract for Revenues

On 75,000 livres, four pages, Paris that establishes annual revenues of 3,850 livres on a capital of 75,000 livres. The transaction is established by a notary between the Marquies de Boulainvilliers, Lord of Passy etc. (many titles) and Philippe de Nielsmaison Lord of Bobigny, etc. This document is a legal copy of the agreement, it has been issued about 2 weeks after the signing of the agreement and it does not bear the signatures of the contractants. B1- 0



Year: 1781

ID: Fre 150

1781 Receipt

One page manuscript receipt from Paris, France, dated March 7, 1781, signed by the Marquis de Boulainvillers (full name: Anne Gabriel Henry Bernard de Boulainvillers) for the sum of 3,250 Livres for six months of income revenue paid by Jacques De Viel Maison Councilor of Parliament.. ?- 0



Year: 1782

ID: Fre 151

1782 Registry copy for Brittany Guardianship

7" x 9 5/8" four pages manuscript legal copy of the St. Perran, Britanny region of France, registry concerning a guardianship.. B1- 0



Year: 1783

ID: Fre 152

1783 Admission

1783 Admission, Henry Jacques Francois Leprevost Lord of St. Germain of Fourches by Philipe Lepaillier for a parcel of arable land in the Fourches area of Normandy. B1- 0


Year: 17th centu

ID: Fre 291

Lot of 11 17th Century French documents

Lot of 11 17th Century document from Laurent.. B7- 0



Year: 1820

ID: Fre 153

1820 French Act Riote

1820-1822. With the official cancels with the monogram of King Louis XVIII. A notorial act, that consists of one folder written on all four pages. It has the initial date of April 23, 1820 followed by two additions: January 8, 1821 and January 6, 1822.. F20- 20



Year: ?

ID: Fre 154


Mystery document between "Duage" and perhaps "Lagrande". 14"x8". F5- 9



Year: ?

ID: Fre 271


Info to come. ?- 0


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