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Year: 1736

ID: Ame 284

1736 Massachusetts Bay Colony Document

Colonial American Document of 1736 is on laid paper and has a papermakers watermark and also a Massachusetts Bay Colony Seal. "To The Sheriff of The County of Bristol We Command you to Attach The Goods or Estate of Noah Whitaker of Rehoboth Husbandman to The Value of 5 Pounds and for want thereof to Take The Body of The Said Noah Whitaker and him safely keep so that you have Him before Our Justices of our Inferiour Court of Common Pleas to be Holden at Bristol within our said County of Bristol on The second Tuesday of July Next Then and There to Answer unto Eliazer Tiffeney of Rehoboth Cordwainer in A PLEA OF THE CASE that The Defendent render and pay unto The Plaintiff the Sum of Two Pounds Ten Shillings and 6 Pence which is Justly Due and Owing as by One Certain Prommisory Note as Mentioned in Writing under The Defendents Hand 10th Day of October 1735. In Court Ready to be produced will Fully Appear Which Non Payment Is! On Verso Thomas Throope Sheriff Signs and States June 26 1736 By Virtue of this Writ I then attached a Dwelling House of The Defendants and left a Summons with Him." Joseph Howland Att. also signs. 6 1/4 x 7 1/2" . 0- 1




Year: 1742

ID: Ame 55

1742 Main Deed

1742 Maine deed, Newmarch of Kittery who is a New England boat builder. Dated October 16, 1742.. F19- 48



Year: 1793

ID: Ame 56

1793 Salem PA Deed

1793 Salem PA deed - between John Moore of Salem Township, Westmoreland County and Elias Davison of Franklin County. This was for a 173 acre tract of land at the mouth of the Kiskaminetas River in Salem Township. 13"x16".. F2- 37



Year: 1794

ID: Ame 57

1794 Penn Land Deed

1794 Pennsylvania Land Deed, printed by Henry Tuckniss No. 25 Church Alley Philadelphia, conveying 400 acres of land in Northumberland or Luzerne County from Caleb Edgar to George Eddy. Eddy was one of the founders of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.. F2- 43



Year: 1794

ID: Ame 58

1794 Penn Land Deed

1794 Pennsylvania Land Deed -printed by Henry Tuckniss No. 25 Church Alley Philadelphia, conveying 400 acres of land in the county of Northumberland or Luzerne from Amos Church to George Eddy.. F2- 44



Year: 1794

ID: Ame 59

1794 Penn Land Deed

1794 Pennsylvania Land Deed - printed by Henry Tuckniss No. 25 Church Alley Philadelphia, conveying 400 acres of land in the county of Northumberland or Luzerne from Phillip Cato to George Eddy. F2- 45



Year: 1794

ID: Ame 60

1794 Penn Land Deed

8 1/4" x 13". Included with this item was a copy of a book called, "Plan of Association of the North American Land Company.". F11- 19



Year: 1815

ID: Ame 61

1815 Promissory Note

1815 Promissory note - Eleazer Flagg who is now bound to repay one half the sum of $300 upon demand.. F3- 36



Year: 1835

ID: Ame 62

1835 Marion County Indenture

1835 Marion County, IN indenture. B6- 0



Year: 1836

ID: Ame 63

1836 Marion County Indenture

1836 Marion County, IN indenture. B6- 0



Year: 1836

ID: Ame 64

1836 Apprentice Farmer Indenture

1836 Apprentice farmer indenture, manuscript indentured servant document for an apprentice . Dated 1836 at Jackson County, Indiana by which Richard Matlock is apprenticed to Danniel Peck. Size 15 " by 12 1/2" on wove rag-content paper, age toned-heavy along folds, tiny hole at intersection of folds, some writing on the reverse shows through, otherwise FINE condition.. F2- 30



Year: 1839

ID: Ame 65

1839 Kosiusko County Deed

1839 Kosciusko County, IN deed. B6- 0



Year: 1846

ID: Ame 66

1846 Jefferson County Deed

1846 Jefferson Country, IN deed. B6- 0



Year: 1847/8

ID: Ame 67

1847/8 PA Property Agreements (5)

1847/8 PA Property Agreements, (5) these are documents regarding land in the townships of forset Lake, Jessup, Silver Lake, and Bridgewater. All are signed by John L. Hodge Attorney for Trustee Andrew Hodge as wekll as the person involved in the transaction. These signers who names are different are Matthew Keeby, Enos Newcomb, Morgan L. Sherwood, Jeremiah Murphy, And Benjamin Platt….The property amount in these documents, 3 regards 50 acre parcels, 1 regards a 32 acre parcel and the last a 7+ acre parcel.. B10- 0


Year: 1850-1922

ID: Ame 292

Lot of 50+ 1850-1922 documents from Lycoming County, PA

More info to come.. LB4- 0



Year: 1873

ID: Ame 68

1873 Abstract of Title, Brooklyn

1873 Abstract of Title for parcels of land on Macon St., Brooklyn, NY. Outside cover front to back has come off. It is hard to open because of being folded in wrapper for years. Text is all neat, crisp and clear to read. This is amazing because the search starts in the 1400's and names the owners of the original property, when they died, who they left it to all the way up to 1873 when the abstract search was done. All handwritten. Has all heirs. Has a few other colored diagrams of the land plot like on the first page.. B11- 0



Year: 1876

ID: Ame 69

1876 PA Deed

1876 Deed, March 31, Lecrone, York County, PA. B4- 0



Year: 1876

ID: Ame 70

1876 Main Land Office Doc

1876 Maine land office document, measures 4 feet, 4 inches - or 52 inches long. It is a document conveying land from the Maine State land office, over 80 lots of varying sizes... in Aroostook County, the towns did not even have a name - IT was sold to the Honorable John S. Arnold of Syndon Maine and George B. Dunn of St. John New Brunswick. Likely for the purposes of lumbering business.. B5- 0



Year: 1882

ID: Ame 71

1882 Power of Atty

1882 Power of Atty, Arizona. B4- 0

Close up





Year: 1887

ID: Ame 72

1887 Warranty Deed

1887 Warranty Deed, Arizona. B4- 0



Close up



Year: 1896-1946

ID: Ame 75

30 Deeds

A pile of 30 deeds to be catalogued. ?- 0



Year: 1899

ID: Ame 272

1899 Check

For a "U.S. Licensed (Indian) Trader, Browning Montana, 1899 J.H. Sherburne.. F3- 23



Year: 1902

ID: Ame 73

1902 Ft. Sheridan Sidewalk Ordinance

1902 Ft. Sheridan Sidewalk Ordinance. An Ordinance for Plank Sidewalk on north side Sheridan Avenue in Hoyts subdivision from west line of Railway Ave. to east line of Walker, Fort Sheridan, Lake County, Illinois. Interesting detail in 8 1/2 by 13 7/8 document dated and sealed June 14, 1902.. F19- 46



Year: 1905

ID: Ame 74

1905 Abstract of Title

1905 Abstract of Title from Platte County, MO. Goes back to 1844.. B11- 0



Year: 1913

ID: Ame 274

1913 Check

Info to come. F5- 5



Year: 1960-1990

ID: Ame 76

1960-1980's Lycoming Court Documents

From Lycoming County, PA. B11- 0


Ethel Powers

Year: ?

ID: Ame 273

Ethel Powers documents

Don't think she was anybody. But this is a group of 3 documents: 2 calling cards and 1 hand-written poem.. F3- 38



Year: ?

ID: Ame 277

Document pouches from 19th to turn of the 20th century (3)

One has this written inside: "To B. F. Wood, Compliments of D. A. Frye, Lincoln Nebraska" and "Omaha Woodman Ins. Receipts." Second has "The First National Bank Eugene, Oregon" on the cover and a slip of paper inside that is a duplicate draft receipt dated Feb 5? 1901 to A. James for $963. "In favor of New England Mtg Security Co." Third has "B F Wood" and "Buyeman"? written in it.. B12- 0


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