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Year: 1776

ID: 18th 5

1776 Saur Bible - "Gun Wad" Bible

Printed in Germantown, PA in 1776. Use of the leaves as cartridge paper during the revolutionary war give the bible its nickname. More info to come.. F3- 18

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Year: 1789

ID: 18th 111

1789 Barbie du Bocage Atlas Print

Plan of a palace gardens. One of these days I'll have to look at the print and find out which one.. F1- 48



Year: 1824

ID: 18th 113

1824 Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour

By Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick. Printed, London: J. Dowling, 1824. Features an illuminated initial.. F1- 47



Year: 1877

ID: 18th 108

1877 Dakota Sioux New Testament

The Native American, Sioux language in this bibl eis Santee, a dialect of Dakota. There were about 50,000 Dakota-speaking Indians as of 1881.. F14- 20



Year: 1894

ID: 18th 112

1894 William Morris Leaf

From the Book of Wisdom and Lies by Oliver Wardrop. Printed at the Kelmscott Press for Bernard Quaritch, London. Printed, but not published by Morris (rare). Only 250 copies were issued. Type: "Golden." One of three designed by Morris and named for the books for which they were intended.. F12- 27



Year: 1895

ID: 18th 110

1895 William Morris Leaf

From Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair. Set in his famous Chaucer type and printedin a limited edition at Kelmscott press in 1895.. F14- 17



Year: 1904

ID: 18th 109

1904 Cree Syllabic Bible

In the winter of 1903-4, J. A. Mackay revised the whole Cree New Testament. At the Bible House in London Archdeacon, Mackay used a Yost typewriter fitted with the Cree syllabic symbols to produce the first Plain Cree New Testament printed in their own language.. F12- 24


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