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Ludovico Ariosto

Year: 1603

ID: 17th 6

1603 Full-page Woodcut of Mythology, Furioso

From the book Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, printed in Venice. F3- 6

Close up view


Jan Vanden Velde

Year: 1605

ID: 17th 7

Spieghel Der Schriftkonste

By Jan vanden velde, printed in Rotterdam in 1605. An unusual book on calligraphy. Printed in three parts, this work takes one through all the requirements of that formal mode of penmanship. It is unusual in that parts of the text are printed in six languages! This leaf is repaired.. F11- 18



Year: 1611

ID: 17th 8

1611 King James Bible Leaf

From the epochal, English protestant translation or Authorized Version. From the first edition, a folio in Black Letter, composed of 119 signatures and 714 leaves of text, double columns without pagination and 59 lines to the column. This is the famous "he" bible where it is printed in Ruth iii 15, "and he went into the cities" instead of "she." Printed by Robert Barker in London, England.. F1- 10



Year: 1613

ID: 17th 9

1613 King James Bible Leaf

Printed by Barker at London, England. The true second edition of the KJ bible. The Apocrypha section.. F4- 7



Year: 1639

ID: 17th 10

1639 Anglican Church Book of Rituals

Printed in London by Robert Barker, "Printer to the King's most excellent Majestie, and by the Assignes of John Bill." Truly stunning woodcuts of initial caps, but they, of course, may have been imported from another country and thus reused.. F15- 26



Year: 1663

ID: 17th 118

1663 Bible Miniatures (4)

More info to come?. F3- 37


William Shakespeare

Year: 1685

ID: 17th 11

1685 Fourth Folio of Shakespeare

Printed at London, 1685. The typography and pressword of this edition was divided among 3 separate printers, though we've lost their names. The paper was made by Van Duvantegard of Holland. Leaf is fromt "of the Lord Cromwell" and is slightly stained.. F1- 9


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